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Expert Analytic Services

Get the analytics tracking and insights you need to achieve your business goals


Track Usage, Events, and Conversions with Google Analytics

I’ll make sure everything is on your site is being tracked, and Google Analytics is configured to track specific events and goals for your business. 

Discover and Rank for Specific Keywords with Google Search Console

using Google Search console I can help you find what position your site is ranking in your industry as well as what keywords are working for your. 


Get In-depth Site Data with Google Tag Manager

Using Google Tag Manager we can set up your site to track what links, buttons, pages, and preforming well and gain insights on how to improve.

Find Your Perfect Formula with A/B Tests

Using Google A/B test we can experiment with different wording and layouts to see what your target audience best engages with.


Comprehensive Monthly Reporting

Using these tools and understanding all the data is difficult and time consuming.

I will manage all of the tools needed and every month send a comprehensive breakdown of your different goals and analytics, along with my recommendations on how to improve. 

Relevant Analytic Articles

Interested in learning more about analytics or have any questions? Explore articles and ask questions at the Morgan Web Design Academy.

Morgan Web Design Academy
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