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My Portfolio

Morgan Web Development is a full service web development, design, digital marketing, and business development agency. I specialize in working with businesses to help them become successful online. I take the experience of having a personal digital resource and add a professional touch. Look below to see some of my past projects.

morgan web development
morgan web development
morgan web development
Thomson Retuers

Thomson Reuters

I worked with Thomson Reuters to build an internal collaboration and reference tool. This look was a custom build using PHP, AJAX, MySQL, HTML and CSS and functioned as dynamic table builder. The authentication was built from scratch, and each user was able to dynamically create, edit and delete content, with each action being logged into a separate database.


I worked with Refinitiv to help build their customer facing website. In this instance they had several different legacy databases and offshore development and teams. I worked with them to organize their data, build APIs and services to access it from the front end, build the front end of the site and install chat features, SSO, and integrate salesforce into their lead funnel. The site was build with a MEAN stack and since they already had offshore development teams my primary function was to serve as a consultant, managing the project as well as assisting in solution design and architecture. 


Regardless of size, I work with all my clients to make sure your digital needs are met.



We worked with RETHINK Retail to build their entire digital platform. This consisted of migrating a WordPress site, Migrating hosting, setting up DNS records,  and integrating google tools and HubSpot. Additionally we worked with them to build an Angular app to help connect speakers and event coordinators in the retail executive community. We currently function as their digital resource for anything they may need.

Search Solution Group

We worked Search Solution Group to help them build a new site. They had an old legacy site that looked outdated wasn’t performing they way that it used to. We worked with their internal team, who created UX designs and managed Google Ads, to create a solution design, build out the site on the WordPress platform, and set up conversion tracking on Google Analytics. We also currently assist them as a digital consultant for any digital needs that they may have.


Whether it’s development, UX, project management, digital marketing or SEO – I’ve got the knowledge & experience to help you reach your goals.


Treat Fantastic

I worked with Treat Fantastic to build a dynamic ecommerce site on the WordPress platform. I built a solution using multiple different WooCommerce and ecommerce plugins and integrated all Google tools. I built this site so it could grow beyond the products they currently offered and built it in a way that they could maintain themselves. I still assist them as a digital consultant when they need us.

Bishop Image Group

I worked with Bishop Image Group to redesign their site. They had an outdated site and wanted something to represent their bold brand. I worked with them to build UX designs and then build out the site with integrated forms and all Google tools. I built the site to be maintained by someone inhouse and handed over the project when completed.


From consulting to hands on development, I’ve got you covered.

deep sleep brewing

Deep Sleep Brewing

I worked with Deep Sleep Brewing to create a new website that integrated with their Square store. They were a smaller business so I worked within their budget to create a visually appealing site, install all Google tools, and created a solution design that would fit their shipping needs while staying synced with Square. 

Midwest Retail Properties

I worked with Midwest Retail Properties over the course of five years. I worked with them to create a beautiful and effective site based around gathering leads in the commercial real estate space. I tracked analytics and conversions, built user profiles, and helped them grow from a small company to the largest Walmart shadow center in the United States.

Midwest Retail Properties

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I worked with TicketReturn to build a new marketing site on a new domain. I started with a new SEO strategy built around generating organic traffic, installed all the tools we needed, created the UX, and then built the site on the WordPress platform. 

Prestige Ballroom

I worked with Prestige Ballroom to help them rank higher locally for ballroom dance and wedding dance searches. I started with a site redesign focused on conversions and a email marketing campaign built around generating returning visitors. From there I created a content marketing campaign around their desired topics, all of which resulted in them becoming the number one search result in their area for their desired key phrases. 


Your success is our success. Our main goal is to bring you success online.