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Hosting Services

Getting Your Site Online

What you need to know

In order to have a website live on the web, you need to have two things, a domain and hosting. A domain is the address of your site and hosting is the servers that actually hold all your website information. In order to keep initial costs low for my clients I offer a free year of hosting when they first get a site built.

There are several benefits to hosting through me, especially if you are planning on purchasing hours for maintenance. First off, I make sure you site is backed up and secure, but it allows allows me easy access to the backend of the site for fixes and enhancements that don’t deal with the front end. This can range from setting up email domains to verifying your Google Search Console domain. It just makes things easier, and if you have to have it anyway, why not get a year for free. 

If you decide that you don’t want to host through me, that you would rather have your own hosting, that is perfectly fine. I can always help set it up and get your login information for any backend changes. It just makes managing everything a little more difficult.

Services & Costs

There are several services involved with hosting, some are included and some have additional costs.

1 Year Hosting - $200

After the first year to continue hosting through me costs a flat $200. 

Cloud Backups - Free

As long as you are hosted with me I always keep backups for your platform. This means that if something happens to your site we can always revert back to a previous version.

Domain Transfer - $50

Weather you are transferring a domain to your hosting account with me or from your hosting account to a new one, there is a standard $50 cost associated.

Website Transfer - $100

Weather you are transferring a website to a new domain or to a domain from another hosting account, there is a standard $100 transfer fee.

Just Looking For A Site?

If you aren’t looking for something so comprehensive and just want a website you can manage yourself. I offer single site builds that come ready to use out of the box. This includes installing plugins, integrating analytics, and setting up your marketing forms, and follows my signature design flow that eliminates all the frustration that usually comes with web design.

Current Capacity

I don’t outsource any of my work, so I have a limited capacity to take on new projects. And the single site builds tend to fill up quick, so if you’re interested contact me and we can start discussing your project.

Monthly Contracts
Single Site Builds