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Creating posts is very similar to creating pages. If we navigate to the ‘Posts’ tab from the admin panel, we will see all of the posts that have been created on the site and there is a button at the top to create new ones. Go ahead and click the ‘Add New’ button and we will be taken to an area where we can create our new post.

Creating Posts

Just like creating a new page, we can see an area where we can create our post title, use the WordPress content creator, and use the Themify control panel to set our page settings. The difference between posts and pages is that it is ok to use the WordPress content creator when creating posts. Posts are defined by categories and they all generally have the same layout, at least in regards to their category. However, you can still create them using the Themify Builder which will still give you more freedom to design. 

The Other difference between posts and pages is the sidebar. As you may have noticed, there are a couple extra sections, categories and tags. You will use these sections to categorize your posts and tag them with relevant words the pertain to the content of the post. This will allow you to not only showcase your posts across your site based on their category and tags but will also make them easier for people to find on Google.

Publishing your post works the same way as publishing pages as well. You can preview the post to see what it looks like, create content with the builder on the front end if you want to, and when you are satisfied, you click the publish button and your post is now created.