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Menus are an essential part of any website and the primary tool for users to navigate your website. In WordPress they are part of your header section, you can create as many as you want, and you are able to designate one as your primary navigation as well as a primary footer navigation. Additionally, within the Themify theme you are able to choose a default for your site as a while, a navigation type for your pages and posts, and then also choose a particular navigation type for each individual page and post you create. So you have a lot of customization at your fingertips, and all of these changes are relatively easy to make, so lets go ahead and get started.

How to create a menu

To create a menu we will need to navigate to the ‘Menu’ section of the ‘Appearance’ tab. This will take you to the page where you can edit all of the menus you have on your site as well as create new ones.

Creating Menus

As you can see we currently don’t have any menus created on this site, so we are going to go ahead and create our first one. So let’s go ahead and type “Main Nav” in the ‘Menu Name’ section and click create. This should now give us the ability to add content and select the settings for our new navigation.

Creating Menus

As shown above, we now have officially created a menu called “Main Nav” and we now can add content to it as well as select it to be our main navigation or our footer navigation. So let’s go ahead and add some content to the menu.

If you look to the side you can see four sections: pages, posts, custom links, and categories. These are the different types of content we can add to our menu. They should pretty self explanatory but we are going to add a page and a custom link to the menu. To add a page simply select a page under the pages tab (currently the only page we have is ‘Sample Page’) and click the ‘Add to Menu’ button.  

Creating Menus

‘Sample Page’ is now added to our menu. Adding posts to the menu works the exact same way as adding pages. To add a custom link, you will open the tab and enter the url of the link you want to add and also give it a title. In this case we are going to use https://google.com and title it ‘Google’

Creating Menus

To add it to the menu simply click the ‘Add to Menu’ button and it will be added. You can then always click the dropdown arrow next to the element on the menu and edit it. You can see all of the details of the element as well as add an icon next to it or turn it into a button.

Creating Menus

That’s all there is to it. Once you are done creating the menu you simply need to click the ‘Save Menu’ button and it will be done. You can then always come back to this page and either edit the menu or create a new one. As we mentioned at the start of this class Themify gives you the option to choose how this menu will look on the site and various different pages and we will cover all this in later classes when we create our website and in these courses we will also cover how to change the color, edit spacing, add logos, and various other tools to further customize the navigation bars on your websites.