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Say you have a new domain and want to have a admin email for it but also don’t want to pay more money through an additional service. Well, SiteGround offers this capability for free with each domain and it is very easy to set up. Additionally, if you don’t want to look at the emails in site ground or manage another email address you can also set up forwarding to an email of your choice, and we will cover all of this below. 

Setting Up the Email

Fist thing you will need to do is log into the site tools of your given domain. 

siteground dashboard

You can see on the left navigation that there is a “Email” tab. You’ll want to click that and then “Accounts from the dropdown, and it should take you to the email panel. 

accounts tab

Here you can see a area to create an account and password along with the other accents associated with the domain. To Create an account simply type the name you want to use, enter a password, and click create. For this case I’ll create a customer support account.

enter data

That’s all there is to it, the email address is created.

Forwarding the email address

If you want to forward the emails that come to this address to another address, you will need to click the “Forwarders” tab. 


same as last time, but you are going to enter the email address that you want to forward from and what address you want it to go to. Once entered click create and you should be all set.