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Find relevant articles about web design and maintaining a digital business as well as updates to Morgan Web Development and the Design Academy.

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articles & news

News & Updates

Featured case studies coming to the site soon

in order to provide some specific real world examples of web design, marketing, and SEO strategies in action, I will be releasing a case study section area of the site. This section will obviously include case studies using real world examples as well as an area to request a topic to be covered.

Morgan Web Development is expanding to Washington Missouri

I am originally from Washington and it holds a special place in my heart. While I service customers all over the country, I am happy to announce that I will be making a concentrated effort to help business in Washington improve their online presence. 

Video course for 1 hour website build coming soon

In the coming weeks I plan on releasing a video that details how to install WordPress on a domain, install a theme, and then upload a template. All of this results in a completely “finished” site that is ready for you to change images and text and can be completed within an hour.