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Why Choose Morgan Web Development

About Me What Sets Me Apart

Here at Morgan Web Development, I place the success of my clients at the forefront of everything I do. I use critical thinking and 10 years of project management and development experience to deliver high-quality products within your business’ budget.

A personal & professional agency

Every one of my clients receives a personal project board. This allows me to establish a personal relationship and better understand your business and needs. This also allows me to develop and deploy digital solutions without you having to take on additional work on your end. 

Critical thinking to make your life easier

We have an incredibly talented and diverse team of individuals who aren’t just good at what they do, but have the ability to critically apply it to your business without the need for hours of detail on your end. Your project manager will work with you to gather your requirements, provide recommendations, consult, and then take the projects from there. You stay informed while your projects get accomplished.

Project management made easy

When it comes to small to mid-sized businesses, WordPress is by far the most popular platform we use. Whether it’s a from scratch build, a redesign, or custom development, we’ve got you covered.

Personal project board

Each customer, no matter the size, receives a personal project board to serve as their primary point of contact.

Shared in depth project tracking

Every project receives its tracking board, which is broken down into tasks and estimated time. It is then managed by your project manager and shared with your business.

Automatic reporting and updates

Every week we send out automatic emails outlining the work done, the hours used, and the hours left on your account.

One stop for all your digital needs

I specialize in every area of creating and running a business online.

Web development & design
Digital marketing
Solution design
Project management

Start your project now. 

Let me help you catapult your idea into a reality. There’s no better day.